WVC is a great place for conventions!

West Valley City was happy to host the state combined AFL/CIO convention. I am grateful for their progress and presence in West Valley City!

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Hobby Lobby is coming to West Valley City!

It’s great to see West Valley become a new location for Hobby Lobby! I am excited for both the products and the jobs that Hobby Lobby will bring. This new Hobby Lobby will be located at the Valley Fair Mall. 

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News from West Valley

Many of our residents don’t know this, our newspapers are printed in West Valley City! Besides the local Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, the Washington Post, New York Times, and many other big papers are printed here!

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Welcome to West Valley City

Each of the Welcome to West Valley City signs were done as an Eagle Scout Project. I’m proud of the scout that took the time to recognize the importance of West Valley City

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High Schools in WVC

We are proud to have TWO major high schools within West Valley City! Granger High School and Hunter High School almost all of our high school aged residents. Those that don’t attend these two schools attend Cyprus High, Kearns High, or Taylorsville High. All of these are fantastic institutes! We are proud of our students from West Valley!

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A Better View

With the rebuilding of 4100 South these wires that cross the road will be buried. This is another example of how West Valley City leaders try to make the view of the city better for all. Other examples are: the use of LED bulbs in all our street lights; being a “Tree City USA” for 24 years; ongoing studies of our buildings’ energy use to improve our carbon footprint; and increasing our tree planting efforts every year for the last fourteen.#westvalleyproud Find me on facebook @reelectdonchristensen or my websiteelectdonchristensen.com

We will miss you, Lila.

Monday morning West Valley City lost a great lady and supporter. Lila Wright was “First Lady” of the city while her husband served as Mayor. Then, after his untimely death, she continued her support for many city committees and PTA groups. I’m sure it was a great reunion on the other side of the veil today. We will all miss you, Lila.