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Thank YOU!

Thanks for voting!

Thanks for Voting! As of the end of October the mail in ballots cast this election have exceeded the largest voter turnout in any previous West Valley City election. Thank you for your interest in the leadership of our great City. If you haven’t…

Fifth Tuesday – No City Council Meeting

Don’t forget to VOTE!

WVC and Family

Some folks asked why I have focused so much of this site, and my campaign flyer on my family. Five generations of my family and six of my wife’s family, have lived in our city. I consider every vote I make on the city…

Mail in that ballot!

As of October 22, there are 44,013 registered voters in West Valley City. So far, Salt Lake County has received 1,653 ballots for a total of 3.76%. This is a low number. Whether you vote for me or not, I am asking for my…

Meet The Candidates