Hi, I’m Don Christensen

I grew up in the West Valley City area and currently live in the house built by my father-in-law in 1957. I love my city and have a strong desire to continue to serve. I served the residents of this city as an elected member of the Utah State Board of Education for 12 years, then was appointed to the Sister City Committee and have served there for the last 25 years. In 2009, I was elected to the City Council and served a four year term. I was asked to serve a full-time mission for my church in 2013. When that ended in 2015, I was re-elected to the City Council.

I pledge to continue to work with all the diverse members of this great city to make each day better for all the residents.

Here’s what I bring to the city as your at large city council member:

I am your current at large city council member, serving in my second term. I attend city council meetings prepared to participate and make votes that benefit the city and its residents. I also work closely with the Utah State Legislature and other leaders to ensure legislative outcomes are best for West Valley City. I will continue to attend each meeting informed, asking the hard questions of staff, and reaching out to the residents for their opinions and concerns.

The proof of a great leader is in the outcomes of his term of leadership. While I have served, West Valley City has prudently managed every tax dollar while revitalizing businesses through careful planning, increased public safety with both innovative and established processes for our police and firefighters, encouraged new businesses to invest in our city, and provided safe parks and recreation activities for our residents of all ages. I will continue to work to further judicious growth and care of our city and those who live, work and visit WVC.

I recognize that my leadership and involvement cannot be limited to just one entity. I serve on many committees related to community and area issues, volunteer opportunities, economic growth and other causes that can provide positive experiences for all who live in our city. I will continue to serve in all possible ways to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of others for the benefit of our community.

I am available and responsive. You can reach me
On his page: electdonchristensen.com
Via email: donchristensen@comcast.net
Via Instagram: @reelectdonchristensen
On Facebook: Don Christensen
By phone: 801 554-6410 or 801 966-4524
Contact me if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions and ideas about how to improve West Valley City. I will listen to you!

Ride to the game with UTA

Riding UVX to the BYU-USC game. Caught FrontRunner in Murray and loved the easy ride. Years ago I served as co-chair with Sherri Winder, to raise awareness and bring TRAX to West Valley City. That is one of the things I am most proud of. Thank you UTA board members from then, who listened, planned and built for today and tomorrow!
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Presidential E Award

Recently, in the city council meeting, Representative Ben McAdams presented the Presidential “E” Award to West Valley City’s Maxtec Corporation. The actual award was presented in Washington, DC earlier this year. It is an award that began during World War 2, to honor businesses that supported the country with their extra effort to export materials to our allies. It was restored by President Kennedy, to honor businesses that created a positive commercial environment. We are proud to have Maxtec in our city, another example of the great businesses we have here.

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Sister Cities

West Valley City has always been a diverse community. For the last 25 years I have served on or as chair of the Sister City Committee. I was privileged to serve as chair when these two icons of culture were donated to the city. Still a center for cultural celebrations every year. #westvalleyproud, website: electdonchristensen.com, or find me on facebook @reelectdonchristensen

Sister City Committee in Nantou, Taiwan

WVC Heros!

House fire in Chesterfield.
Lots of help for WVC Fire from Unified, South Salt Lake, and their Police. 
We are thankful for our first responders who go
head first into dangerous situations putting their lives at risk. 

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#westvalleyproud @ West Valley City, Utah


Last night the City Council, acting as the Board Of Canvassers,
accepted and approved the final results of the Primary election.
Now we need to push on to the General Election in November.
If you have one of my yard signs, please continue to display it.
If you would like a yard sign, please pm me and I will bring one to you.
Also, if you would like me to meet with a group of your neighbors,
I would be happy to visit with you.
Thank you for your support. 

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National Nights Out

Getting together with our neighbors is a terrific activity in our city through National Nights Out.

Last Friday I attended a great one in Diamond Summit. Lots of neighbors who live on the same street in West Valley City and West Jordan joined to get to know each other better, and our public safety officers.

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30,000 meals for the needy

Celebrating and creating over 30000 meals for needy children as part of the UN Civil Society Conference. We worked fast. They expect to make over 500000 meals. Our group worked about one hour.