Your Vote Matters!

Today’s news reported that only 15% of registered voters had cast their votes and turned them in for the municipal election. As I have personally called and visited with voters, I have been surprised to hear such things as, “I only have one race to vote for. It is not worth my time to vote,” or “This election is only for my city. What difference does it make to me who is elected?” 
YOUR VOTE MATTERS! NON PARTISAN city leaders have the greatest affect on your daily life. They provide police and fire protection, planning and zoning for your neighborhoods, local road repairs, parks and recreation, and garbage pick up. We are your neighbors who live in our city, shop our stores, eat in our restaurants, fight our traffic and bump along our state roads. We know what it means to have a beloved neighbor move away, a child struggle with friendships, and find joy learning to swim in our fitness center. 
You have your ballot and it must be postmarked by Monday the 12th or you may vote in person at West Valley City Hall on Tuesday the 13th.

Vote for Don Christensen as Councilmember-at-large!
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