We love West Valley

West Valley City was created in 1980 by a vote of the residents of Granger, Hunter, and Redwood/Chesterfield. Each community brought their own unique characteristics and qualities to form a large city. Chesterfield has stayed closest to maintaining itself in the way it was when the city was created. It continues to be mostly agricultural, with a broad variety of animals being raised in the area: horses, goats, cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys and even a peacock. It has five churches, a chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Khadeesa Islamic Center and Mosque, a Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Tongan United Methodist Church and First Apostolic Church, a couple of charter schools, Roots and American Preparatory Academy, and a large business area. It’s residents continue to be resilient and honor the past settlement and struggles associated with the community. 

Chesterfield was initially, built as a housing development around the “Interurban” railway flag stop between Granger and Magna. However, a recession in the early 1920s, prompted many to move away, and “in some instances taking their homes with them on wheels.” The area was resettled during the Great Depression when the poverty was rampant and the county welfare department felt that it would be wiser to help people purchase land and build their own homes. Lots sold for about $10 and homes were built from the meager materials that families could get. 

As the years have passed, Chesterfield has stayed much the same, a tight knit community where everyone takes care of each other. New homes have been built, a county park, Redwood Recreation Center, the Utah Cultural Celebration center, and many businesses surround the homes. 

A drive through the area brings sights of farms, horseback riders, the Jordan River Trail, and reminds old-timers of what the original West Valley City area once looked like.

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